Starting Point

April 22nd, 2018


Mexico 2018

May 10th - May 17th, 2018


EPIC has partnered with LightShine. LightShine is a ministry with a heart to reach the Tarahumara Indians, an unreached people group in Central Mexico. LightShine brings the hope of the gospel through children’s programs that meet the needs of Tarahumara families who live in poverty stricken slums in the city of Chihuahua, Mexico. LightShine also operates an orphanage for abused, neglected, and abandoned Tarahumara children.

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MFuge 2018

July 9th - July 14th, 2018


MFuge is a LifeWay camp that is a break-off of the original Centrifuge camps. The “M” stands for “missions”. The entire week is geared around opportunities to do outreach and serve. Here is a quote from their website:
“At MFuge, you will jump into ministry with local communities and serve people in need. Our highly trained FUGE staffers will take care of the details, lead Bible study and facilitate the planning for each day. You and your students will get to invest your time and energy into a variety of mission projects. Each MFuge location offers Children’s Ministry, Games & Recreation, Social Ministry and Painting/Construction/Yardwork. Specific locations offer Evangelism, Homeless Ministry, Special Needs Ministry, Peer Ministry and International Ministry. During the day your students will be challenged and stretched as individuals; in the evenings, you’ll have an opportunity to build group unity over dinner, worship, fellowships and church group devotions.”
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India 2018

August 18th - August 25th, 2018

India, Bangalore- TBD (We have sent several teams to this area and have trained a couple hundred church planters and pastors. This will again be a small team that will train church planters and pastors so teaching ability is a necessity)